Bathroom Furniture 65cm, 65x60x43cm Melamine or Lacquer (Set)


includes base with sink, mirror cabinet and lamp.

* Manufacturing time 3-8 business days

Furniture dimensions L x W x H: 65 x 43 x 60 cm
Mirror dimensions L x H x W: 45 x 70 x 14 cm 
Available: in glossy & matte lacquer paint (choose the material that suits you)

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The AMAZON series is made of high quality and durable materials, specially selected to withstand the harsh and difficult conditions of the bathroom. It is made of high strength mdf.

The specific composition of the series is produced in 2 dimensions 65-55cm with a single porcelain washbasin, in nine shades of lacquer in a glossy or matte finish and in seven shades of wood-look melamine

Also available in size:
Furniture dimensions L x W x H: 55 x 43 x 60 cm
Mirror dimensions L x H x W: 45 x 70 x 14 cm 

Efind out about the price (55cm) here or call 210-9610956

All the mechanisms of the furniture are soft close of Italian origin.

The price does not include accessories and battery 

The above piece of furniture is handmade and takes 3-8 working days to manufacture

We will be at your disposal for any further clarification or information you need.

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