Κρεμαστή Λεκάνη Rimless 52 εκ. και κάλυμμα βακελίτη

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: κρεμαστή λεκάνη Rimless 
: προβολή 52 εκ.
: Serel
: Smart
Κάλυμμα: βακελίτη απλό  αποσπώμενο , SLIM soft close αποσπώμενο
: porcelain
: white
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1) Hygiene Plus: Permanent antibacterial protection. Permanent incorporation of silver nano-ions into the bulk of the AB-UF cap. Result: 99% antibacterial protection for life. 

2) Clean Plus: Smooth and shiny surface. Absolutely smooth surface that prevents the "hooking" of dirt.
SEREL products clean with minimal water, without the use of cleaning chemicals, always remaining sparkling.
3) Antibacterial AB-UF cover: Permanent incorporation of silver nano-ions into the mass of the AB-UF cover. Result: 99% antibacterial protection for life. No more infections caused by bacteria.
4) Easy cleaning: Quick release mechanism of the seat without the use of tools for easy cleaning. The "hidden" zone under the cover is very easy to clean.
5) Gradual and silent closing. The cover lowers gradually and quietly. 
6) Maximum load: All basins are subject to 400 kg load tests.
7) Water saving: Optimal rinsing with 3/6 liters of water.
8) Λεία εσωτερική επιφάνεια που εξασφαλίζει αποτελεσματική έκπλυση, υγιεινό περιβάλλον και εύκολο καθαρισμό.

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