Nano-Skin-Ultra glass shower liquid spray SET | NanoSkin


SET of coating fluids for Nano-Skin Ultra glass showers

Product of Greek Manufacture (Certification: ISO 9001 – 3 international patents)

 with two vials 60ml + 60ml

Easy to clean crystal in two steps. Recommended for new crystal that is about to be installed or has just been installed.
Cover: up to 4m2

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Nano Skin Ultra is an innovative product that creates an invisible, extremely durable film on glass surfaces, which makes them non-stick to salts, dust and dirt, thus making cleaning much easier and less frequent. At the same time, it prevents the changes caused by dirt deposits and corrosion.


Long lifespan (at least 5 years)

Great durability

It does not affect the transparency of the substrate

Resistance to high temperatures

Also ideal for external surfaces

Environmentally friendly

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