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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Personal Data Privacy

The Terms of Use of the online store www.e-fontana.gralso consist of the following privacy policy.

The registration of personal information of the visitor/user in the online store it is not necessary unless the user wishes to place an order or become a recipient of electronic information material (e.g. newsletter). For the above registrations, the user must state Name, Address, Tax Code, Contact Phone and Email. In any case, the user will declare his personal information always with his express consent.

In order to secure the data, every protection measure has been taken and it is expressly forbidden to process them without the authorization of the customer/user as the Company fully complies with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data.


Disclosure of Personal Data

The company has the right to grant to third parties the personal data provided by the user to third parties in the following cases:

  •          In order to act under urgent circumstances for the personal protection of its users, its websites or the public
  •          In order to comply with legal requirements
  •          In order to defend its rights and property


Data protection

The Company has taken the necessary technical security and data processing organization measures to protect them as the data collected is stored on limited access servers where they are controlled by passwords. The Company makes every effort to protect data, but cannot guarantee that the security and organization technologies will never be compromised for any reason.

The visitor/user has the obligation, if he becomes aware of any malicious or unfair use of personal data, to notify the Company directly, otherwise he will also be liable to the Company.


Right to Object  

The user of the online store has the right to request correction, blocking, non-transmission as well as its deletion. The relevant request must be signed, written and refer to a specific request and sent to the address Gounari 17, Ano Glyfada TK 165 62. The Company is obliged to respond within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving the request.


Use Cookies

The so-called Cookies are a cookies are small text files which are stored in our browser while we browse the internet. Their purpose is to notify the website the user is visiting of their previous activity. Cookies may come from the website we have visited or from someone else (third-party cookies), for example through advertisements. Cookies collect information about the behavior of each user on the Internet, which raises important questions about privacy.

The collection of this information helps our online store to make the user's visit more pleasant and interesting. The user/visitor can disable cookies from the browser settings, however, some websites may not function normally.

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