Νεροχύτης Συνθετικός Γρανίτης 82 x 50 cm 18 Αποχρώσεις


Greek product

Νεροχύτης Συνθετικός Γρανίτης Sanitec 82 X 50 cm classic 312

  • It is built into an 80 cm cabinet.
  • Εξωτερικές διαστάσεις : 82 X 50 cm
  • Βάθος : 18 εκ.
  • Placement : Seated (top)
  • Troughs: 2
  • Warranty: 6 years


Selected minerals are mixed with high-performance polymerized resins and special admixtures that act as stress balancers in the molecular structure of the solution.

The result is a solid sink body with a reinforced surface of amazing resistance to adverse conditions of use (such as high temperatures up to 180 oC, scratches, liquid cleaners, etc.)

Each sink model is produced in 18 special shades selected according to the trends of modern aesthetics, it is accompanied by the necessary valves & drain siphons, counter cutting patterns and fixing hooks for undermount sinks are available.

Covered by a 6 year Warranty against any manufacturing defect.


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Additional information

Classic color palette

00.White, 01.Granite White, 04.Granite Grey, 05.Granite Black, 10.Granite Beige, 14.Metallic Ice, 15.Metallic Cream, 16.Metallic Coffee, 17.Metallic Silver, 18.Granite Blue, 19 .Granite Green, 20. Granite Terracotta, 21. Granite Sand, 22. Metallic Space, 41. Granite Rust, 42. Granite Taupe, 45. Granite Cappuccino, 46. Granite Celtic Stone

Modern residence

Study and Design, completed projects

Proper study and design, creating a 3D model to choose the one that suits your space