Square Floor Siphon With 1 Outlet tile placement on the face


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  • Confluo Large siphons are made of PP (polypropylene). 
  • They are soundproof. 
  • Entrance Φ40. 
  • Output adjustable angle Φ 50. 
  • 1 Outlet for floor drain or shower.
  • Drainage capacity 47 Lt/min. 
  • Adjustable siphoning up to a water height of 40 mm. 
  • It has a watertight ring and gasket. 
  • It has a height-adjustable grill base, as well as a hair collector. 
  • It has a stainless steel grill - a frame inside which a ceramic tile is installed. 
  • Grill size 155.5×155.5 mm.
  • Minimum required height: 95 mm
  • 10 YEARS WARRANTY for the metal grill.

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